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Sport & Health Questions

The Sport & Health Survey is split into 5 sections and will take pupils approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete.

There are separate versions of this survey for pupils of primary and secondary age. The questions are the same but the language used in each question varies slightly to ensure full understanding across all year groups.

Section 1: My Week

  • Topics covered: When pupils play sport during a typical week, covering extra-curricular, curriculum and community sport, as well as which sports they play and which sports they would like to play more of.
  • Evidence: Provides staff with a rounded understanding of pupils' sporting preferences.
  • Example questions: Click here

Section 2: My Competition

  • Topics covered: When pupils participate in intra and inter school competition and whether they represent a sport at county, regional, or national level.
  • Evidence: Provides an understanding of participation levels in initiatives such as the School Games and potential gap analysis to identify the groups not participating.
  • Example questions: Click here

Section 3: My PE

  • Topics covered: Pupils' attitudes and perceptions of school PE, including enjoyment, experience, quality and progress across the subject.
  • Evidence: Provides key evidence for departmental self-evaluation.
  • Example questions: Click here

Section 4: My Community

  • Topics covered: Pupils' participation in and demand for volunteering, coaching and leadership.
  • Evidence: Provides an understanding of pupils' leadership involvement and preferences.
  • Example questions: Click here

Section 5: My Health

  • Topics covered: Pupils' attitudes towards health issues such as stress, sleep, diet and understanding of different body types.
  • Evidence: Provides information regarding pupils' engagement with healthy lifestyles.
  • Example questions: Click here