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The Survey Builder provides a platform for schools to manage all pupil feedback. The software allows schools to create their own bespoke questions and build their own surveys. All questions are automatically cross referenced against the demographics of the pupils, as with all surveys in the software, providing schools with instant and detailed results.

Support schools to develop an effective self-evaluation summary;

  • 'A working document which is regularly used to inform Governors' - The Survey Builder allows for schools to run unlimited surveys, meaning information can be quickly captured and presented to Governors.
  • 'An indicator of the success of the school's actions in tackling issues identified at the previous inspection' - The Survey Builder allows for schools to create bespoke questions to match the demands.

Provides flexibility for schools;

  • Once pupil data has been uploaded into the software the set up process is complete. Schools can then utilise the link with the demographic pupil data for all surveys.
  • Run unlimited surveys.