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Training & Resources

This page contains a series of documents designed to support the education sector in both understanding and using the Pupil Insight Software 'Me and My'.

To download a document, click on the link and save to your computer.

Setting up the Software

New Academic Year Upload

For the new academic year you will need to re-upload your pupil data (including your new intake of pupils). Your software will show a red cross in the Upload Pupil Data box.

The data is uploaded in the same way as when your software was first set up - please refer to our 'User Guide' for further advice.

Alternatively, our 'Smart Support' package will upload the data for you and set up your surveys meaning you simply need to share the survey link with your pupils. Email: info@meandmylifestyle.co.uk for further details.

  • Set-Up Guide (PDF, 638 Kb)

    Step by step instructions for schools to set up and utilise the software. If you have any questions regarding this then please contact LRS Email: info@meandmylifestyle.co.uk or tel: 01509 564 888 for set up instructions.

  • SIMS Report Template Guidance (PDF, 975 Kb)

    Instructions detailing how to use the SIMS report template. Non-SIMS users please contact info@meandmylifestyle.co.uk for further support.

  • SIMS Report Template (Zip Archive, 4 Kb)

    SIMS report template that is to be imported into SIMS. See document above for support on using this.

  • Pupil Data Sample (CSV, 1 Kb)

    A sample of the pupil data that will be generated by the SIMS report template

  • Headteacher Information Sheet (MS Word, 27 Kb)

    The data agreement that a headteacher is required to approve before a school can set up the software. Provides information about the software and a consent form. Appears on the Staff Portal as a live document for a headteacher.

  • Pupil Information Sheet (MS Word, 24 Kb)

    Provides information about the software and a consent form that pupil's have to approve before they can complete a survey. Appears as a live document at the start of a survey.

Supporting Documents


  • Frequently Asked Questions (MS Word, 20 Kb)

    FAQs based on common questions, queries and feedback that we have received from schools.

Promotional Material

  • Product Leaflet (PDF, 604 Kb)

    Promotional leaflet that briefly summarises the software.

  • Me & My Product Brochure (PDF, 5.4 Mb)

    Promotional brochure that details what the software is and the features that it contains.